Garrett Strang

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I was a Documentary film producer / director for over 20 years in Washington D.C. While I was on assignment, I also photographed when filming on location and later became a professional photographer in the Washington D.C. area before moving to Paris 5 years ago. My primary focus while living in France has been street photography. To be a street photographer, or to be more accurate I like to consider myself a life photographer, is a passion that comes from deep within. The beauty and power of what a single image can possess and convey never ceases to amaze me. The simplicity or the complexity of composition, light, movement, emotion, story and feeling captured in a moment of time and shared for eternity is a true gift for the giver and receiver.  I feel very fortunate to have produced and directed documentary films throughout most of my life. I learned that within the frame the content, composition and story are the key elements in any image and hold the secrets to the connection with the viewer. I also learned the importance of taking risks and of hard work.  To me life and art are one and photography is an experience in seeing the art of life.


 I am available for assignment on projects both large and small.

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France + 33 06 14 35 08 28

U.S.  301 793 7698

Email : isii@aol.com


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Email: isii@aol.com